Global Maritime Accord (GMA) Academy

Global Maritime Accord Academy

LISD partner * SAMDeS

An initiative led by the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development GmbH for the Society of Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Studies (SAMDeS), with Sai University and global ALLIES, Tufts University.

The Global Maritime Accord (GMA) is the first integrated and coordinated approach towards the harmonized administration and governance of the oceans, especially the Areas Beyond National Boundaries, or High Seas. It aims to organize, systematize, and enforce the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a public good for the sustainable future of all. focused on the oceans in a shared civic and naval effort.

GMA and GMAA are focused on the health of oceans in a globally shared effort. They aim to strengthen and support the implementation of the Intergovernmental Conference on legally binding instruments under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the safeguarding of marine biological diversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction.

Members of the Accord development effort include oceanographers, lawyers, environmentalists, diplomats and naval security experts, from Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Kenya, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom and United States.

Webinars for Ocean and Climate Policy Innovators, Researchers and Media
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8 June 2024 -
Webinar Topic 5:
Save the Oceans for a Safe Earth - World Ocean Day

24 Jan 2024 -
Webinar Topic 4:
Climate Engineering and the Ocean

26 Oct 2023 -
Webinar Topic 3:
 Deep-Ocean Stewardship: Avoiding the Dangers of Seabed Mining
28 July 2023 -
Webinar Topic 2:
UNCLOS or SOS? Can the law save our seas?
25 April 2023 -
Webinar Topic 1:
Ending the menace of IUU fishing and overfishing