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An initiative led by the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development (LISD) for the Society of Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Studies (SAMDeS), with Sai University, and global ALLIES

The Global Maritime Accord (GMA) would be the first integrated and coordinated approach towards the harmonized administration and governance of the oceans. It aims to organize, systematize, and enforce the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a public good for the sustainable future of all.

Members of this Accord will include military Chiefs of Staff, senior Admirals, Generals, oceanographers, lawyers, environmentalists, national security experts, and countries thus far including: Australia, England, Germany, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and United States.


The Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development GmbH is a professional and scientific organisation specialising in the design, development and regeneration of cities and urban areas: industrial, commercial, industrial. We base our work on serving people, communities, cities and companies by delivering renewable energy based, water sensitive and carbon negative solutions. We research, we advise, we train and we facilitate change through assisting with securing sustainable finance. Locally and globally. We believe in the regenerative stewardship of our forests, grasslands, wetlands, water systems and agriculture to not only be sustainably productive for human use but also absorb and manage excess atmospheric greenhouse gases and secure all flora, fauna and microbial biodiversity. Learn more.

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Local and international experts form our core, provide guidance and leadership. They work together in sourcing and managing projects, based on tailored agreements. Our experts have worked with regions, cities and towns, local, state and national governments, the IEA, IPCC, UNDP, UNECE, UN Habitat and a number of other international organisations.


Our projects squarely engage the strategic future of cities, regions and communities. We develop and carry out:

  • regenerative urban designs,
  • sustainable land use and development plans,
  • energy autonomous and water sensitive urban design strategies,
  • sustainable urban governance and policy studies,
  • community involvement and participation processes, and
  • communication and publication projects.

We also manage complex research, development and design projects involving large and small groups of diverse participants.

Please request our complete capability and project list.

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