About Us


The Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development GmbH in Berlin is a scientific organisation specialising in research and experimental development in smart and intelligent cities and regions based entirely on renewable energy and advanced distributed energy resources: the sustainable design, development and regeneration of cities and urban areas and infrastructure. We work in individual and cooperative projects with peers, communities, cities and companies by delivering advances in renewable energy based, water sensitive and carbon negative solutions. We research, we develop, we advise, we train and we facilitate change. We believe in the regenerative stewardship of our forests, grasslands, wetlands, water systems and agriculture to not only be sustainably productive for human use but also to absorb and manage excess atmospheric greenhouse gases and help in nurturing flora, fauna and microbial biodiversity.


We deliver climate stabilising and resilient research and experimental development strategies. We have developed effective Rapid Regenerative Infrastructure Deployment (RRID) methods by integrating science, engineering, economics and finance with city, regional and infrastructure design, community planning and development in a research, development and knowldge transfer capacity. We communicate through publications, conferences, seminars and advanced and guided internships.


We work with individual researchers, community groups, cities, towns, regional institutions, international organisations and private entities that focus on sustainable infrastructure, urban and regional development research, development and dissemination. All of our projects are executed with the utmost care, energy and attention to the need of our partners and clients. Each approach is tailored to suit specific needs and objectives, using global best practice and expertise.


Peter Droege directs the Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, the global advisory and research organization for the rapid transition to regenerative communities, cities, regions and infrastructure. Professor Droege serves also as President of Eurosolar, the European Association for Renewable Energy, and as General Chairman, World Council for Renewable Energy. A recipient of the European Solar Prize in Education, Peter Droege initiated the Chair for Sustainable Spatial Development at the University of Liechtenstein while holding a Conjoint Professorship at the Faculty of Engineering, School of Architecure and the Built Environment, University of Newcastle, Australia. An inaugural member of the Zayed Future Energy Prize jury and Expert Commissioner for Cities and Climate Change for the World Future Council he also served on the Steering Committee of the Urban Climate Change Research Network hosted at Columbia University's Goddard Institute for Space Studies and CUNY. He has taught and researched at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's School of Architecture and Planning, at Tokyo University as Endowed Chair in Urban Engineering at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, and as Lend Lease Chair of Urban Design at the University of Sydney. Professor Droege has authored or edited numerous books, including Intelligent Environments (Elsevier 1997), Urban Energy Transition, 1st Edition: From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Power (Elsevier 2008), The Renewable City (Wiley 2006), 100% Renewable - Energy Autonomy in Action (Earthscan 2009 and Routledge 2014), Climate Design (ORO Editions 2010), Regenerative Region: Lake Constance Energy and Climate Atlas (oekom verlag 2014), co-editing Regenerative Räume (oekom verlag 2017).

Affiliations and Expertise
Director, Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development, President, Eurosolar, European Association of Renewable Energy and General Chairman, World Council for Renewable Energy