LISD 100% Renewable Energy City

100% Renewable Energy City

LISD specialises in providing urban design, planning development and regeneration concepts with a renewable infrastructure framework - our projects are 100% renewable, and in some cases produce surplus renewable energy. This is our corporate commitment. European legislation, the accelerating rate of fossil fuel induced climate change and the global market shift to renewable energy logically demand that all buildings, neighbourhoods, towns, cities and regions move as fast as possible to a full renewable energy supply.

This commitment to a renewable energy infrastructure opens an exciting new reality: that of understanding buildings and urban areas as distributed energy systems - as energy resource ecosystems. Our urban design and regeneration projects are not only of the highest design quality, they are also conceived to maximise the benefits of solar, wind, biogas, heat pumps, storage, e-mobility and smart networks in which all users, owners, investors, tenants and associations can engage in fully benefiting from exchanging, trading and arbitraging the value of renewable energy generation and storage assets - from prosumer to prosumer, peer-to-peer (P2P). We provide and manage the world's most advanced blockchain P2P platform, to perfectly round off our Renewable City design service commitment.


LISD proudly represents Power Ledger in Europe, a P2P blockchain energy trading platform, it is the world’s most advanced and flexible token based tool for the democratization of energy access and supply through distributed renewable energy resources. For more information, please contact us today.

IBA Hamburg Energy Atlas © IBA Hamburg, Peter Droege
Chongqing Fortune Plaza © Peter Droege
New Cicheng Eco Masterplan © Peter Droege
Mesto Malina Eco Masterplan © LISD Berlin, Uli Hellweg, Balcells Landscape Urbanism

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